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How To Play Natalia : Mobile Legends

Hello everyone!Milo here and first of all this is my first time writing a guide so hope you guys will be patient with me and I will try my best to keep this guide simple and easy.Today we will be talking about an assassin ,who is a counter hero for all the marksman present till now,Natalia.

If you are reading on mobile,you cannot see the pictures I posted.To see them,scroll all the way down and press " PC " near the bottom of the screen to look at the pictures!

This is a ranked match I played using Natalia(Grandmaster rank if you're curious) and yes I died 3 times because there is Saber in the enemy team.(I will add this in the "Cons" section later)

My first Penta Kill was with Natalia too

So I will talk about four topics.I will be adding tips immediately after each explanation
1.Skills (Passive and Active)
2.My build(In depth explanination and recommended items)
3.Pros and Cons/Hero advantages and disadvantages
4.How to play

1.Skills (Passive and Active)
-Passive skill > Assassin Instinct

-Tips for the passive skill
Natalia's true advantage lies in her passive ability.She can go anywhere without getting caught by the enemy.While in Steath mode,the first basic attack will deal an extra 35% damage AND silences the target.(including minions,towers and the Lord) and when she attacks from behind,the target will recieve an extra 15% damage and will always recive critted damage.(This crit damage passive will play a huge role in item building.)
Finally 20% increase in movement speed. Yummy ♥ REMEMBER-your steath mode as the duration of 5 seconds unless you're in a bush so refresh it as much as you can and becareful when chasing after your enemy as your steath mode might disappear before you reach your target.
So tips about passive skill.
♦Be in steath mode as much as you can.
♦While in steath mode,as you roam around touch as many bushes as you can to refresh your steath mode.
♦Never forget that even if you don't have a target to attack,if you press the basic attack button,your steath mode will disappear.
♦Always hold onto your stealth mode and DO NOT USE SKILLS FIRST WHEN YOU'RE IN STEATH MODE.It will cancel your steath mode,wasting silence and extra 35% damage bonus.

-Active skill 1 > Claw Dash

-Tips for using Claw Dash
♦Never use it for initiating a fight.(Needless to say it will break ur steath mode you will lose your chance to assassinate and might result in your own death.)
♦This can crit so using it from behind will result in 100% crit.
♦This can be used twice ONLY IF it hits a target .So when your target is running away from you,you can use this to chase it down while dealing damage and it it wan't enough to take him down,you can use it again.
♦This can be used as a escape as it can dash through walls so save it always and use it depending on your situation.Chase you low HP target down?or escape join the fight again after regaining HP?

-Active skill 2 > Smoke Bomb

Explanation-This is the skill that's keeping Natalia as a counter for marksmen.When you drop this smoke,staying inside the smoke will grant you immunity from ALL basic attacks.Marksmen heros rely on their basic damage.They do constant and rapid damage with their basic damage so while Natalia is inside the smoke,she is pretty much invisible.But remember YOU STILL RECIEVE DAMAGES FROM SKILLS.

-Tips for using Smoke bomb
♦NEVER use it for initiating a fight
♦Always drop after using your basic attack in steath mode,slows your enemies down,increases your attack speed and immunity from basic attacks.(This can save you if an enemy roaming marksman hero caught you in the act.)
♦Very useful in team fights and can be also save you.For example,enemies are chasing you,you can put down the smoke bomb to slow them down and run quiclky into bushes.You can also save your teammates too.If your teammates are getting chased by the enemies,you can put down the smoke bomb,making your enemies slow down and you and your team mates can escape
♦Immune to basic attacks also include tower damage so you can survive inside the tower for some time.

-Active Skill 3 >Cold-blooded Strangling (Ultimate Skill)

Explanation-Attacks multiple times in a row in front.It can crit and slows the enemies in the cone shape in front of you.BUT the damage is lower than your normal basic attack after you have farmed so use it wisely.

-Tips for using Ultimate skill
♦I rarely use it for initiating the fight unless it is a team fight.
♦Use it to finish off your enemies who has low HP.Why?Your basic attack has a low range so you have to follow your enemy.Using the Ultimate skill will slow down the target while dealing multiple damage and if the enemy is running away from you,crit will occur eventually killing your enemy.Very useful when finishing off.
♦For example,You attack an enemy and he used Flicker to run away from you.You can use skill number 1 (Claw dash) to chase after him and if you can't reach the enemy with ur basic attack,use your ultimate skill which has longer range and muliple crit damages,finishing him off.

2.My build (In depth explanation and recommended items)

  1st item- Blade of Destruction

Why? - Due to Natalia's passive skill,she always crit when you attack something from behind.Blade of Destruction's Unique passive increases your physical attack by 5%.Since Natalia's passive will give 100% crit your physical attacks will be increased for 5%.Very good item to start off with.

2nd item-Rapid boots

Why?- very good for chasing down enemies and you get very fast speed combining with you passive Steath movement speed increase.

3rd item-Scarlet Phantom

Why?-Natalia's passive will give you 100% crit,this item will increase your attack speed all the time.Combining with Blade of Destruction's physical attack's damage bonus,you can put out a lot of damage even with your basic attacks.

4th item- Tooth of Greed

Why?- Life steal and more damage


5th item - Blade of Despair

Why?-All round stats and very good for team fight if you have some teammates who can use Crowd Control.

6th item - Thor's Sting

Why?-Attack speed and bonus AOE damage and increase movementspeed (WOO HOO)

Recommended items - Wind Chaser (Why?-Physical penetration for Tank enemies)
Immortality (Why?-With your Lifesteal,Attack speed and Smoke bomb,you can easily join the fight again after dying 1 time)

♦Very good assassin for countering marksmans and mages.
♦You can gank anyone with your stealth and steal enemy's jungle creeps.
♦You can destroy towers and run away very easily with your skill number 1.
♦Very hard to kill in the late game.
♦Can almost kill anyone in game 1vs 1.

CONS ;-;
♣You need to farm very hard and fast to get your items.
♣Squishy so you need to be extra careful.
♣Weak to enemies with CC skills since her silence works only for 2 secs.
♣Can't initiate in team fights.
♣Hard to become invisible when going into the enemy base during a team fight due to a lot of AOEs going around.

Heros you have the upperhand with-all marksmans,some mages and heros without CC skills
Heros you have disadvanges with(Treat level decreases as we go down) -
•Saber (His skill 1 Flying daggers will make you appear from stealth and when he sees you his Ultimate can do so much damage).
•Alice(Good Alice-s use her skill 2 when they sense Natalia with "!",trapping you and exposing you.And due to Alice's passive,she has high HP pool making you hard to kill her quickly.)
•Franco&Ruby (Needless to say A lot of CC and tanky)
•Eudora (her stun and ultimate does a lot of damage)

How to play Natalia
-Farm whenever you can,you need items to survive as well as to kill OR you will feed in late game.(in the above match,Franco on my team called me noob 4 times cuz I didn't make it in time when he died 4 times but he said I'm fine near the end game so regardless of what your teammates say,you should farm whenever you can.Kill mobs and jungle.YOU NEED ITEMS)
-Never initiate in team fight.Go around to the back of your enemy team and wait for your teammates to initiate the fight.
-Always be in stealth mode.
-Your main weapon and damage output is from Basic attacks.
-Always save claw dash for escaping and chasing.
--Kill the marksman from your enemy's team.Your sole purpose is to kill the marksmans and heros who has low hp and high damage.(Example Video- ... 2925911218.mp4?dl=0)

Hope you guys like my guide.I would love to hear some feedbacks from you guys.Is there something I missed?Made an error?Some suggestions?Should I post some videos?Leave comments below and I will reply ASAP.Thank you for you time and goodluck everyone!

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