Monday, May 1, 2017

How to get Legend / Glorious Legend in less than a month

Since the season is going to end soon and new one is just at the corner (even I have talked to the developer about current season is taking too long, but the reply from the developer is they can't do much on the season period). Then what we can do is to try our best to get up the top rank (glorious legend / legend) as soon at possible so that we don't panic and do the last minute job.

OK, back to the topic. Today I'm gonna share on how to get up top rank in soonest as possible. First and the most important one, PLAY MORE, either match up or rank. Play more will let you be more experienced, it will let you know how to cooperate with different class of hero (if you don't have your own team / squad). Play more will also let you well trained the hero that you always use and soon you will be very pro in controlling it skills. Play more will also let you know the strength of every each of the hero, so if your team need some specific hero, you can help by using it but not just use and don't know how to control it to help in battle.(tank is always the most popular class that team mate will ask). I would suggest, if you want to train hero, you could go to match up or AI (in AI mode try not to die and kill as much as possible by your skill). If you got a group of friends, then you can go random mode to train too.

While you're in early stage (warrior and elite) you can just go in rank, because you will not meet those so called pro player yet. If you are well trained some specific hero, then to win the match is shouldn't be any problem for you at this two stage. After you have go thru warrior and elite, next is master. At this stage, you will meet grandmaster, master and elite player. You will know abit whether your opponent is grandmaster, master or elite from the way they play. At this stage, you will need to know the most suitable gear for the hero that you use. Gear is important, because if you using the correct gear, you might have first blood (with your skill too!) and if you're using the correct gear, to destroy a turret isn't any problem for you even your teammate is on their way to help you. At master division, you should already know jungle is important for you to earn money (but the priority always to defend your own turret first!) and you need to know where and when to jungle so that you won't lose your turret.

After master, you're heading to grandmaster division. At this stage, you might facing epic, grandmaster and master player. If so unlucky that you face epic player (you can realise from the way they play). First of all, you need to make sure that you don't die first. I understand to make sure not to die is not an easy task but try. If you the one who give your opponent first blood and he is an epic player, then the chances to win the match will be not so easy already. It is because epic is the last division before they heading to legend or glorious legend. These people I might consider them as pro player because they are always need to survive from the game when they facing the legend player. These so called pro player also know how to earn gold fast, really fast. So, to make sure you are not the first one who feed them and make them rich. This is the key for this grandmaster division. At grand master division, you have to know how to cooperate well with your team mate (either they are pro or not). You should know how to see map, caution about the signal and help to kill when necessary. Also, you have to know your role well, eg which lane should go by which class of hero is the most suitable one, when should go jungle is more comfortable for you so that you won't lose your turret when you're still kill the jungle minion and etc.

If you're hardworking enough to play when you're still at the warrior, elite, master and grandmaster division. You should be at epic division in less than 2 weeks. (I reach my epic at 16 days of playing the game and most of the time I was just playing match up to train my frequent use hero) . At epic division, here is the most dangerous division, because you will facing legend player anytime and they might send you back to grandmaster division if you're not careful enough. Epic division is the stage that you should already know how to choose the hero base on your team formation and the hero that your team mate choose. Some of the player / team is required one marksman, one mage, one initiator and two attacker (it's all depends !!!) during the hero pick section. You should choose those classes that your team mate need (sometimes this is not so important, because I have seen a win match with three marksman, one assassin and one tank. However? If possible then just choose different classes to suit your team needs). At the early stage of the game, you need to earn as much as possible and buy the gear in soonest as possible. (always remember, turret is the main to defend and it's could help when you want your first blood !) while you're at level 8 (assume gameplay duration is 6minutes) you should get at least 2-3 full gear (not the basic material only!) and your gold should be earned at around 5-6k with no death. If you're the lowest earn at this time, basically you should go for creeps (see where the turret is no hero but creeps already snow balled by your opponent) and jungle more to make sure you get your full gear of 2-3 items (again, go only you have some body help you to take care your lane and not during the group war time!). Try not to solo at any point of time unless you're very sure that there is no one come to you when you 'stealth' your enemy turret. At the game duration of 12-15 minutes, your team by right should take down at least 6 enemy turret or even more. If you or your team fail to do it, basically to lose the game is not a difficult task for your opponent already ( I do agree some times you and your team can counter attack the enemy base and win the game even you and your team have lose out of all turret, but what I'm trying to share here for this tactic is to make sure that you and your team can still feel confident to win the match even your whole team gone at this time. This tactic is very subjective and need to see the situation that time, this is just a piece of advice from me).

P/S : Above my experience on how I get my legend in 22 days of playing. It's not a necessary to follow but at least no harm of trying new way (if you never heard or see the above method yet) right? Of course, if you have any positive / negative feedback you are always welcome to comment. The purpose of creating this post is to share something of my experience and just make it as a discussion for all. We learn together, play together and grow to be pro together. Thanks.

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