Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Play Kagura Mobile Legends

Kagura’s role is that of a straight damage dealer. She will simply deal insane damage to the enemy team while being extremely hard to kill once you master the ability combos we’ll go over in this guide. In a 1v1 situation, Kagura can deal a ton of damage while bouncing all over the map and stunning the enemy. Additionally Kagura is a natural counter to most heroes. In a team fight, Kagura has an array of HUGE AOE damage abilities and is capable of winning a team fight single-handedly.

Passive skill name : Yin Yang Gathering
when the hero and Seimei umbrella Become as one, will create a shield absorbing 300pts of magic damage and stun nearby enemy 0.45 seconds, slowing them down. this effect can only be triggered by a 4,5s
at most. (will not affect the cooldown of this skill)

Skill 1 : Seimei Umbrella Open
Moves seimei umbrella to the designated area dealing 300pts of magic damage to the enemies along the way and slowing their movement speed by 60%

Skill 2 : Rasho Umbrella flee
with seimei umbrella : using the skill will remove all debuffs from the hero, kagura moves in the spesified direction and leaves umbrella on the spot. without seimei umbrella : Kagura Moves to the umbrella's position and retrieve it, dealing 205 pts of magic damage to the nearby enemies

skill 3 : Yin Yang OverturnWith seimei umbrella : deals 300 pts of magic damage, knocking back nearby enemies and slowing them down. without seimei umbrella : Generates a link with the umbrella for 6sc and refreshes the cooldown seimei umbrella open immediately. when the umbrella moves any enemy touched by the link also will be slowed down and receive 225 pts of magic damage

Take skill 1 when the first level
Level 2 : Take skill 2 to escape from enemies and combo with skill 1
Level 3 : Take skill 1
Level 4 : Take skill 3 because this is the strongest skill kagura
To the next level Raise the level of skill 1 because This skill can be more painful and reduces the cooldown
max skill 1 first and ulty after max we can max up skill 2

skill 1 throwing behind enemy while activating ulti and use one more ,skill 2 and ulti This is an instant kill combo for marksman and mage ( Basic combo )
kagura trick against enemies using melee:
1. Always take your umbrella because there will be a stun to the enemies around and bonus armor for you based on your ability power
2. do not forget to maximize skill 2 to avoid damage from enemies
Kagura vs range hero/mage :
kagura very easy to kill the hero with a soft hp
what you do is just hit the enemies do not give them a way to escape

Battle Spell:
here I use flicker spell why?
Flicker : teleport a certain distance in a spesific direction. for 1sc after teleport, duration of disabling effects recieved will be reduce 50%
This spell better than other spell, this spell can be easy to pursue the enemy fled and complement your combo
Note : U can use purify if flicker spell locked
level 19 accont to unlocked this spell

Hero Gear :
1) Rapid boot +50% movement speed
2) Echantec talisman + 55 magic power +250hp +30mana regen +20% cooldown reduction
Unique passive : a kill or assist regens 20% heroes max mana within 5sc
This is the most important item for kagura because her skill to spend a lot of mana
3) Flame of fury +75magic power +5% movement speed +15 magic damage reduction
Unique passive : Ability will burn the target for 3sc . dealing 6% of the difference between target's current hp and one's own hp as magic damage each second
4) Dominance ice +500mana +70armor +5% crit strike rate reduction
Unique : +15% cooldown reduction
Unique passive : lowers Movementspeed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemies
Kagura is low hp hero and low armor. she is easily killed so this item can minimize the chance of death
5) Guardian Relic +90 magic power
Unique : +25 % magic power
Unique passive : After a skill hits a target magic attack will immediately increase 15% the next skill damage will terminate this effect.this effect can last up to 3sc with a built-in cooldown time 10sc
6) Frost +75 magic power +15 mana regen +7% movement speed
Unique passive: Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% Slow down effect. this effect can last 3sc and can stack up to 2times
IF you already have frost item:
Your first skill 60% slow + 15% slow if 2 stack 30% slow = 90% if u activate purple ulti im sure the enemy can not move

Set :
Im using Magic asassin emblem level 47 with stat :
+26 magic damage reduction
+18 magic power
+6% cooldown reduction
+55 hp
+4%  movement speed
If i already have full item my total movement speed 324 and this is enough to run after the enemy or to escape
If ur magic asassin emblem lower level than magic emblem. You better use magic emblem
Note : Magic damage reduction will decrease enemy magic armor so ur magic damage will be more pain

Combat tips :
--- Be careful in using skill 2. Why? if your enemy is no Yunzhao franco and other disabler I'm sure you will not survive
---- Try to spam ur skill 1 till enemy hp half or allowed to die with your combo
----- Skill 2 you can get away from all kinds of debuffs ,So try to go in and make the enemy expend skill but not up against you

Team fight tips :
- Use basic combo: Skill 1 throwing backward enemy> Use skill 2 (purple) Blink> Use skill ulti (Blue) and the enemy will be pushed closer to your team
- Always protect ur marksman mate in ur team , Use Your purple ulti to make away enemy approaching marksman In ur team
- Try to aim enemy marksman or mage first make them half hp is also good
getting assists were enough to mage like kagura

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