Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stealing the Blue Buff without Retribution

In this brief article I'm going to cover some important aspect of being a team player.  If you read, understand and follow my 3 important tips it will more likely lead you to a Glorious Legend title or at least Grand Master. And if it doesn't do any of that, at least it'll make you a better, more socially acceptable person.

1. Don't be an A**hole.
I understand that this can be difficult for some people to comprehend but it starts with one simple step. Don't bother talking. If you have nothing good to say to your teammates then just don't say it.  Calling your brother/ sister's in arms a "noob", "idiot", "idiot team ever", "worst ____ ever", or any other racial, vulgar slurs actually won't make them feel any better.  In fact, you may end up finding yourself responded with "u noob" or "stfu".  The time it takes for you to waste your precious time in game, you could be taking towers, jungling, clearing lanes, or even killing opponents. Whoever told you that talking down to your teammates was going to help you, was wrong.  Don't be an a**hole.

2. Don't be a noob
Understand your characters limits. If you're a support, don't go and clear lanes, always find someone to "support".  If you are an attacker and you see your support alone in a lane, go join them and help them out. Supports can't clear lanes and you're wasting time having them do so. Personally, I find myself getting alot of negative feeback from my team when I'm support because my team doesn't seem to want to defend towers. As a result i have to move my estes to def and in the meantime my teammates are crying for help while being attacked. Know your postition and know where you should and shouldnt be. Always be aware of the map.

3. Support your teammates
Give them a warm pat on the back with a "good job" or "hang on and we'll win". This will most certainly give a moral boost to your fellows and increase your chances of glorious victory. This follows more closely with tip #1.  In the early game, if your teammates are killed, don't call them "noob" or "noob team" instead, give them support. Remember it's still early game and anything can happen once your teammates level up. Give them a chance and give yourself a chance in the process.

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